Landscape lighting Miami
Landscape lighting Miami
Landscape lighting in Florida

We are a licensed Florida (ES12000502) and Georgia (LVG105305) contractor.
NOTE: Currently no additional license is required in Arizona

Creative Design - The design of a landscape lighting system is part science and part art.  It’s about understanding how much light is required and determining where the focal points are located.  The choice of fixture, bulb wattage, beam spread, placement position and angle for each and every light source is a critical foundation for any successful system. Good planning and attention to detail during the installation coupled with a thorough knowledge of voltage drop calculation and photometrics are the secrets to a successful installation. 

Low Impact Installation – Most jobs can be completed in one day. Nightscapers brings sufficient staff to do the installation quickly with minimal disruption to existing landscaping. Our customers are continually amazed at how they can barely tell anyone has been there even with complicated installations.

Warranty Protection- Transformers are warranted for a lifetime and fixtures are warranteed for 10 years to lifetime depending on selection.

100% Worry Free System- Like your car, any landscape light system requires periodic maintenance. Nightscapers offers a maintenance agreement covering any needed adjustments and annual bulb replacement.

Nightscapers is the choice when you desire an exquisite system you will enjoy for years to come.


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