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Landscape lighting Fort Lauderdale

Safety- Nightscapers only installs low voltage, 12 volt, landscape lighting which is inherently safer to operate than 120 volt lighting. While rain and sprinklers often cause on-going problems for 120V systems, low voltage systems are immune to wetness related electrical problems. All components used by Nightscapers are UL Listed.

Operating Cost- Operating expenses are considerably less than 120V systems due to better light beam control requiring lower wattage bulbs. LED systems use 25% of the electrical of even other low voltage halogen systems, which can result in significant savings.

Installation Expense- Due to its inherent safety, low voltage wiring is simply buried a few inches in the ground which is not invasive to existing landscaping. The wiring for 120V systems is much more expensive and disruptive as it must be buried 18” in ground, and/or be enclosed in conduit and must be installed by a licensed electrician. Expensive and time consuming permits are also required for 120 volt systems. 12 volt systems can be plugged into existing outdoor receptacles avoiding any need for permits..

Materials- Nightscapers uses only U.S. made professional grade fixtures and transformers. The transformers have a lifetime warranty and are cased in top-grade domestic stainless steel with weather tight casing seals. The fixtures have a 10 year warranty and are built from copper free (marine grade) aluminum. They are coated not with one coat of paint but six coats of electrostatic “powder coating” for toughness and durability. Nickel plated electrical contacts and stainless steel screws complete the package to resist the unrelenting attack of Florida’s rain and soil chemistry to provide years of trouble free service.

Beam Control-120 volt systems primarily rely on brash floodlights which tend to over-light the landscaping causing hot spots and glare. Shadows are just as important as the light and the large variety of 12 volt fixtures and lamps that are available give far superior control over the light beam. This produces a more pleasing lighting effect with little or no glare.

Lamp Fixture Choice-There are far more fixture styles available for low voltage systems (For wattages of 75 or less there are over 100 lamps available). The majority of fixtures are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Size-Low voltage lamps are available in a large variety of wattages and beam widths which allows for very compact fixtures.


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