Broken, Missing or Loose Bulbs
Bad Plug Connections or Bad Fuses
Overloaded Circuits or Damaged Wires
Water or Moisture in Sockets or Connections

We do our best to protect against all of these potential problems during installation. However, the light strands becoming excessively wet (most often due to sprinkler systems) will be the likely cause of most problems. Here are some things you can check yourself:

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Lighting services in Florida

GFCI-Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Fortunately, you can almost always restore your lighting display on your own by resetting the GFCI (also called GFI). A GFI is installed in homes as a protection system that shuts down the flow of electricity to an electrical outlet when it senses a potentially hazardous situation. When outdoor lights become excessively wet this will often cause the GFI to trip to ensure safety. Should a GFI circuit trip it will need to be reset to restore power to the outlet.

Wait until the rain or sprinkler system has stopped and the light strands have dried out a bit before attempting to reset the GFI.

To prevent your automatic or timed sprinkler system from soaking your light system from tripping the GFI we recommend that you reset the timer on your sprinkler system so that watering occurs while the decorative lights are off (such as in the morning).

A single strand of lights doesn’t work
Possible causes: Bad plug connection, broken/ missing/damaged or loose bulb

A single strand of lights doesn’t work amongst the other strands
Possible causes: Broken, missing, abnormal, loose or damaged bulb

A strand of lights flickers on and off when moved or touched
Possible causes: Bad plug connection, broken bulb or a shifted wire inside a light socket.

The whole strand works …except for one single bulb
This one is pretty simple. Chances are, the bulb is either burned out or broken.

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